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Weekly Update 05/01/04

Hello all. First up, Happy New Year everyone. Sure, a little late from me but this is the first Weekly of the year and it seems that the mole that run the t'internet have been busy enough to post some eye candy. managed to score a interview with StarCraft: Ghosts Producer John Lagrave. The game sounds like a very promising game,but the game is to be console based. So far i can't see if this will be released on the PC, which is a real shame, having originated from the PC, it seems kind of sad that we are going to loose another classic game to the 10 minute-a-game community.

Another interview is out with Valve, but this time its with GabeNewell. It seems from the interview on, that they really didn't want to ask too many questions about the game directly. Only two of the questions are related to HL in general. have taken the time to amass a large collection of LucasArts game demos in celebration of LucasArts rich heritage of adventure games. The demos go from the classic Day of the Tentacle to the latest Secret Weapons Over Normandy. This should wet your appetite for this years Sam and Max 2 release.

If you have played and enjoyed Unreal 2 XMP, then you'll be happy know about the planned community pack currently in the works. The website went live at the end of the year, and holds the details of the planned content. So far only five maps are listed and only two have a screenshot. Still, this site is the one you need to bookmark and keep an eye on for the release date. If you are yet to try this game, then take a look at SylverFyre's game review.


Developer: Burut Creative Team Genre: FPS
This game got a release in Russia back in August, so we are hoping that there are a number of great additions in European release. View these screenshots then download the must have tech demo in Downloads.

The Saga of Ryzom
Developer: Nevrax Genre: MMORPG
Still in beta and waiting for release is this French MMORPG. Will it see itself in a different light as all the other MMO games out there? Still this is yet to be seen. If you are a RPG fan and still haven't tried a MMO game, then take a look at these screenshots. They are still taking beta sign ups too, here.

Star Wars Galaxies
Developer: SOE Genre: MMORPG
It a tad old, but here are some new pictures of the newly released vehicles in SGW.

Wartime Command
Developer: 1C Genre: RTS
Another promising game coming from the east. While other companies abandon the WWII genre, Russia's 1C development studio has set about using this time frame for their new RTS game. They seem to have put a great deal of effort in the details. Making it a highly detailed game and accurate to the time frame. Could be a silent hit on this year. Screenshots can be found here


The Sims 2
Developer: Maxis Genre: God simulator
Heading for a 2004 release, The Sims is look even more attractive than the last one. The Maxis team seem to have expanded on all elements on the original game, even the housing estate in which your Sims will live. SimCity4 anyone? You can grab the video here.

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre
Developer: Novalogic/Ritual Entertainment Genre: FPS
Two new trailers have been released for this expansion pack. The pack holds 30 new multi player maps and two new single player campaigns. You can find both of these trailers here and here

Outrun 2
Developer: Sega Genre: Racing
Sure its not a PC title, but come on, its Outrun 2. This trailer bought a tear to my eye as i relived my childhood, wasting away hours apon hours playing the original. View the trailer here.


Fung Wan Online
Developer: Pheonix Games Studios & Epic One Genre: MMORPG
This has not long entered its public open beta phase. The game is based on a comic book penned by Mah Wing Shing. Based in ancient China, the player get to explore the sprawling landscapes and join one of the games many clans .

Please remember this is still in beta and has just had a character wipe, so this will still be a bit buggy. The file is 282.2MB and you are going to need a beta account from here to log in.

School Tycoon
Developer: Catdaddy Games Genre: RTS
Joining the many many Tycoon releases is the School version. Rollercoaster Tycoon set the standard, but since then its been a bit of a down hill ride for the series. However if you do enjoy the series, then you can get the demo from here. Enjoy.


Developer: Burut Creative Team Genre: FPS
This is posted all over the web, but i first saw this on The Adrenaline Vault. The lead programmer from the Burut Creative's KREED team, Dmitry Andreev, created a demo called Zoom 3: Trance Generation. The file is based on the effects that are used in the KREED game, but the insane thing is that its only 64k in size. Totally stunning.

Indiana Jones in Enemy Territory
Developer: Genre: FPS
A new mod for the free RTCW: ET game, Indiana Jones, has just made its first public beta release. I don't know a great about this, but it looks like the maps are based on the locations from the films. Whether you can hook your whip and swing from location to location is still yet to be seen, but still its a mod that could keep you addicted ET.

Developer: Mucky Foot Genre: RTS
One of the greatest failed games of recent years, sign, this game is a testament to the fact that if the publishers don't promote a game in the dog eat god world of gaming, then things are going to fail (Bar the odd gem). This game was just unlucky. Should you own a copy then ( your a god amongst insects!) you'll be shocked to see this. Startopia Post has posted 2 brand new missions, not normal mod community missions, but real Mucky Foot original ones.

For those that don't know, Mucky Foot were swallowed whole by the dark chasm that is the gaming industry in 2003. Good luck to all that were there.

Developer: Multi Theft Auto: a MOD team Genre: Action
This is the 0.3 installment of the multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto: VC. This update includes a host of fixes and improvements: walking and running animations, new aiming system that improves the shooting accuracy, better anti-cheat and trainer protection, advanced in-/outgame chatting system (some nice IRC functions added like /slap, /me, and PM ability). The mod is available at both and
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