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stepper 28-Feb-2006 12:22

Pancake day
In the honour of pancake day, what toppings will you be using? \o/

danred5 28-Feb-2006 12:27

The simple but classic, lemon juice and sugar. Nothing more, nothing less.

golgo 13 28-Feb-2006 12:28

I like it simple so its just lemon and sugar for me. I sometimes like jam instead of sugar.

[NZ]Rubberducky 28-Feb-2006 12:29

Bit of jam maybe, I don't have any cream though unfortunately

Q-Target 28-Feb-2006 12:35

Monkey spunk

golgo 13 28-Feb-2006 12:39


Originally Posted by Q-Target
Monkey spunk

Your misses up on blocks again? You know pancakes make a very poor subsitute.

Q-Target 28-Feb-2006 12:48

Where does the monkey come into play in your sordid fantasy involving me and lent based foodstuffs?

Jamey 28-Feb-2006 12:52

Is it today?


To start: thick pancakes with sausage, cheese and beans.
To finish: thin pancakes with peanut butter and chocolate spread.

Cue Goody.

[!$$ueS] 28-Feb-2006 12:53

Thinking about that makes me feel ill.
Gonna be a floor effort tonight, so loads will be made. Gonna have lemon and sugar i think.

Ned 28-Feb-2006 12:53

I'm going to do pancakes tomorrow instead.

Very crispy bacon is the filling for winners.

Followed by your standard lemon and sugar.

Jamey 28-Feb-2006 12:55

Crispy bacon with a bit of Philadelphia. That would be good. Mmm.

[!$$ueS] 28-Feb-2006 12:56

Cheers Jamey i actually did just have a vomit burp there, all your fault.

Jamey 28-Feb-2006 13:00

It's not like you to be out drinking last night.

[!$$ueS] 28-Feb-2006 13:18

I wasn't, i was up at 9:30am this morning. Did an hour in the gym on the weights ;)

I'm being a good boy today.

[n00b].eesh. 28-Feb-2006 13:25

Golden Syrup!

tinx 28-Feb-2006 13:34

Lemon/Orange juice and sugar.

You've got some serious toppings right therr J-Unit... sausage? :O

Harry Palmer 28-Feb-2006 13:35

Maple syrup ftw!

chix0r 28-Feb-2006 14:25

Chocolate Spread..........Lush :)

burundi 28-Feb-2006 14:51

Thin with cheese, chopped ham and pepper. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Wife has chocolate and banana.

Blunteh 28-Feb-2006 15:25

Just had mine :) Lemon and Sugar mm mmmmm (no maple syrup in the house, usually have maple syrup and butter.... as well as Lemon and sugar)

terroristteddy 28-Feb-2006 17:52

all my meals today are to be based around pancakes, I'm taking pancake day quite literally

so far I've had sugar and lemon, maple syrup and cheese and cucumber

I might have a go at cauliflower cheese pancakes for dinner, maybe sausages as well

assassin 28-Feb-2006 17:55

I completely forgot about pancake day!! Not that I bother anymore....

Napoleon 28-Feb-2006 17:55

Pancake day?

Shrove Tuesday Goose ya cunt.

the funkmaster 28-Feb-2006 17:56

Semla day in Sweden, so of course I'll be eating at least one semla today.

Oh, Shrove Tuesday? We call it Fat Tuesday :D

terroristteddy 28-Feb-2006 17:59


King Adolf Frederick of Sweden died of digestion problems on February 12, 1771 after consuming a meal consisting of lobster, caviar, sour cabbage, smoked herring and champagne that was topped off by 14 servings of his favourite dessert hetvägg, a semla served in a bowl of hot milk.

Jamey 28-Feb-2006 18:04

Fat Tuesday was our (me + mates) nickname for one of the DJs we know. He was a jewish guy, quite large and his name was Dave. The conversation went like this:

Person 1: "You know fat, jewish Dave?"

Person 2: "Do I know what? Fat Tuesday?"

All: "Hahahaha... Fat Tuesday... Priceless... That can be his nickname."

Jim 28-Feb-2006 18:11

Lemon and Sugar for a few, and Chocolate for the rest... just waiting on the missus to come round so I can go to Tesco's now.

blurr 28-Feb-2006 18:14

Had to be there right?

Blunteh 28-Feb-2006 18:15

Guess you had to be there.... [edit] Blurr u phuquer !! **waves fist***[/]

I wanna go here:
pancacke bakery in Amsterdam.. so many toppings !!

Jamey 28-Feb-2006 18:19

I remember going to Center Parcs (do they spell things wrong just for fun?) as a kid and there was a restaurant that just did pancakes within the dome-o-sphere (TM) but I forget what it was called.

I've also got some hip-hop record where the guy says "I flip more shit than International House of Pancakes," but I dunno whether that's an actual eating establishment in the USA or whether he just said it to be cool.

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