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Invis 22-Apr-2018 06:24

Destiny 2 - PS4
Anyone play this?

T3CH^ 22-Apr-2018 11:48

Going by the plummeting player base, if they do not for long.

I got it on PC with the joke of a season pass and regret it, pale shadow of the original Destiny with The Taken King dlc.

OndaRoofus 23-Apr-2018 23:06

I play onex and had a good couple of months on it and enjoyed it , dlc was ok , a bit half heated tbh. I think d2 suits the single player better than d1 did , I haven't got 6 friends to turn up for 6 hours to play a strike. So it feels like progress can be made doing flashpoints and general activities , which was enough for me for a while . Can kind of see the players dropping off though.

devs 03-Sep-2018 19:27

Its free this month with PS Plus...

Barb 04-Sep-2018 16:15

It's free for a reason. Base game only and in its death throes

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