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wooly-back-jack 06-Sep-2014 12:33

ARMA III - breaking point

you lot tried this yet? it's quite bloody good.
It hasn't gone down well with the official DayZ guys I don't think, it's basically what you would expect DayZ to be and more...on the Arma 3 engine, new maps, equipment storage, crafting, vehicles, classes (with different objectives to gain points to raise level in that class, i.e hunter class you get points for being a cunt :P)

and my fav bit: an ingame group system! when in close proximity you can add each other to your group after meeting up and then you will see each others names above char's. Works really well.

oh and tameable dogs!

more info here:

Kick 06-Sep-2014 13:00

Its basically DayZ standalone with actual gameplay, in an improved engine that doesnt suck donkey dick.

Bleh 06-Sep-2014 13:36

downloading the contents for it now :)

m00se 06-Sep-2014 14:06

Downloading too

devs 06-Sep-2014 17:54

ah m00se, we can scavenge again together. ill meet you in the bushes.

m00se 06-Sep-2014 18:04

You downloading too? :)

aird 06-Sep-2014 18:15

Also downloading.

Ashen 06-Sep-2014 18:44

Downloaded last night wooly can you resend the mumble details, my small child decided the paper I had written it on would be fun to tear it up,

Ashen 06-Sep-2014 18:45


Originally Posted by devs (Post 1308914)
ah m00se, we can scavenge again together. ill meet you in the bushes.

lol Devs bung me a pm if your playing miss the old ps2 nights :P

wooly-back-jack 06-Sep-2014 19:04


Originally Posted by Ashen (Post 1308918)
Downloaded last night wooly can you resend the mumble details, my small child decided the paper I had written it on would be fun to tear it up,

erm, yeah about that....there's been an update today, run the client and update it

Kenny 07-Sep-2014 10:37

Nice downloading now :) ingame name Kenney :)

cunning-stunt 07-Sep-2014 11:42

Told my lad about this thread, as him and his mates have a DayZ clan. They tried it when it was first released, and didn't think much. But they are all downloading again as they have read a few of the latest reviews and are very impressed.

Bleh 07-Sep-2014 12:08

I had an initial run around last night. I'm not sure about the class system, as i quite like the "open world" choice... although i guess it gives you a mission of sorts.
Overall it seems pretty much the same as the old DayZ mod. The zombies arent really a threat (or at least what i saw of them), and so i was just ignoring them for the most part. Maybe this changes in larger cities.

I'm away for a few days in Ireland, but when i get back i wouldnt mind teaming up with a few of you guys off here and seeing what the team-play dynamic is like?

wooly-back-jack 07-Sep-2014 17:27

eu#40 was pretty decent on the newhaven map, maybe suggest play there?

aird 07-Sep-2014 17:31

I've got it downloaded and updated. So i'm up for a game tonight if anyone else is.

Kenny 07-Sep-2014 18:22

Keep getting errors when its downloading saying some files invalid ?????

EDIT :- all sorted now .

aird 07-Sep-2014 18:42

I got a gun! :D

Then i died :(

Ashen 07-Sep-2014 21:45

I spent 20 minutes behind a giant blue bin waiting to ambush/troll someone and turn them into my one came :(

Following that I hid in a supermarket and ended up attacking a kickles and scaring the living shit out him by jumping out of a dark room and somehow missing his head with an axe :p

wooly-back-jack 07-Sep-2014 22:00

had some good kills/firefights tonight, Ashen got hungry so I gutted and cooked one of my victims for him to eat (never mentioned I had 4 cooked mutton on me aswell :lol: )

Sin 08-Sep-2014 02:25

Played it ages ago when it first came out, was pretty good tbh. I just thought the map was massive, back then the cars were almost impossible to get working too.

wooly-back-jack 12-Sep-2014 19:58

there's a few maps now

bigdog 14-Sep-2014 20:09

I enjoy this immensely when I'm not up to my elbows in baby shit.

Are you all on EU40? I usually play on Altis rather than Newhaven mind. Does Newhaven share the same hive?

wooly-back-jack 14-Sep-2014 22:55

no its a diff hive, we have been on eu 41 today as 40 was full, we use musty TS arma channels bigdog so look for me and ashen on ts and join in :)

Envy 11-Oct-2014 11:43

I should really download and install this, is there a lot of people still playing this?

Ashen 11-Oct-2014 13:18

Myself, wooley and dog often team up on the weekends.

devs 11-Oct-2014 14:38

this game is still enjoyable.

wooly-back-jack 11-Oct-2014 20:18

it's feckin awesome tbh

wooly-back-jack 11-Oct-2014 20:19

stop spelling my name wrong Assun you cunt

Ashen 11-Oct-2014 20:54

Lol give me your cooked meat you fecker :P

wooly-back-jack 11-Oct-2014 21:02

I have some strange cooked Ashen burgers

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